Episode 21: BARGAIN BIN #5 – Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996)

Beyond Cyber cover site

I’VE BECOME THE CHIP! Gali and Devlin are jacking in again for a second dip in to the Bargain Bin virtual world of Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace/Jobe’s War!

Following the bonkers original, Cybergod Jobe Smith is now a bafflingly recast, surgically repaired double amputee played by Matt Frewer, indentured to a mean-spirited techno institute to become the architect of a new digital world using the magical Chiron Chip. The Chiron’s creator, brilliant scientist-turned-dreadlocked hippie weirdo and blouse enthusiast Dr. Benjamin Trace (Patrick Bergin), is enlisted by returning child star Austin O’Brien’s Peter to help save his friend from another round of power-mad mania.

Join us in this inexplicable futurescape of technobabble, pre-teen pandering, hyperactive improv, and superfluous vacuum cleaner tubes, as we try and make sense of this aggressively bizarre sequel.

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