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When former literal basement-dwelling film students grow up, get weird adult jobs and move to disparate parts of the country, how do they fill their evenings and stay in touch? Why, by calling each other over the internet and reliving their formative film experiences, of course!

Having spent their precious, honey-hued childhood days with the curtains drawn to block out the sound of other kids’ joyful laughter, ploughing through stacks and stacks of tapes until the tracking was utterly fucked, our intrepid podcast crew are now out to discover just how much of that was a massive waste of time. Spoilers: a lot.

In their Throwback series, Gali, Devlin, Patrick and guests will each take turns recommending a treasured film from their youth, then assess whether they hold up under more cynical, (somewhat) grown up scrutiny.

Dipping in to the Bargain Bin, they rummage through the ubiquitous cultural trash that littered their childhoods and try to determine whether any of it has any artistic or cultural merit whatsoever, and if not, try to fathom why millions of people have sat through it multiple times.

In Pulling Focus, Gali and Devlin introduce each other, and hopefully some of you, to films that they feel have fallen out of the cultural conversation, or deserve a bit of a wider audience.

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Devlin lives in South London and barely holds down a job in the telly. He has previously worked as a carny in North Yorkshire’s most notorious theme park; a punching bag for angry Japanese schoolchildren; and three glorious weeks as a fully paid Hollywood movie camera department professional (he made tea on the set of the worst Tim Burton movie).

His favourite filmmakers include Terry Gilliam, Hirokazu Kore-eda, John Carpenter, Jeff Nichols and Kaneto Shindo, and he has never knowingly podcasted sober, believing that £4 supermarket wine somehow makes him more erudite. He is wrong.

He is allergic to Twitter, but Instagrams at @quilllicker where you can see more of his charcoal scribblings (he does the drawings for each episode’s cover image).

Gali, our podcast editor and compere, lives in Glasgow and is pretending to be Scottish, eating chicken pakora and becoming resistant to rain. He has travelled around the world with work and cites his most memorable moment as being present when Gillian McKeith fainted. He has predominantly worked in television for both the BBC and ITV, but to date has not managed to work with Danny Dyer.

His favourite filmmakers include Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Sergio Leone, Kathryn Bigelow and Sam Raimi, and he refuses to admit that he has a ‘podcasting voice.’

He loves nothing more than Twitter when there is a controversy brewing, you can bait him at @galithegreek where he will reply immediately.


Gali and Devlin met at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2004, where they watched too many movies in between episodes of Columbo and MasterChef. They both wrote their final dissertations in less than 4 days without sleep. They were briefly in a band that only knew how to play one song (“Heat of the Moment” by Asia). They once spent over 20 minutes trying to dispose of a large house spider.

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