Episode 84: Bargain Bin #12: Cyborg (1989)

I LIKE THE DEATH! I LIKE THE MISERY! I LIKE THIS WORLD! We return to the trusty Bargain Bin and dig out the infamous Cannon Films’ post-apocalyptic Van Damme downer Cyborg. ‘Slinger’ Gibson Rickenbacker (JCVD) is some sort of futuristic ronin, hired by the some of the tattered remnants of humanity to guarantee them safe... Continue Reading →

Episode 36: BARGAIN BIN #7 Taken (2008)

Film chosen and introduced by Patrick You’re going to be taken… to a revisit of the most badass Brian you’ve ever encountered. I still laugh to this day that Liam Neeson’s character is called ‘Brian Mills’. It’s hardly a cool name like ‘Jason Bourne’, but that's one of the many reasons I enjoy this film... Continue Reading →

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