Episode 19: BARGAIN BIN #4 – Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Under Siege cover site

NOBODY BEATS ME IN THE KITCHEN. Welcome back to the Bargain Bin, as we go full steam ahead on the 1995 Steven Seagal-starring choo-choo beat ‘em up sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

Seagal reprises his role as the stoic chef/ass-kicker Casey Ryback, accompanying his snarky teenage niece Sarah (Katherine Heigl) on a cross country train journey to her father’s graveside. When the train is taken over by a big ol’ crew of baddies led by eccentric nerdlinger Travis Dane for the purposes of using a space laser to make earthquakes (really), Ryback is in a race against time to punch literally everyone before Dane can blow up the Pentagon.

Intergalactic voyeurism, coconut explosives, Looney Tunes death scenes and 60 minute, rubber-and-leather-bondage CD-ROMs. All the way from South Korea, Matt once again joins Gali & Devlin as they venture together in to Dark Territory. Will they rediscover an action classic, or will this be a trainwreck in more ways than one?

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