Episode 42: Freejack (1992)

Freejack cover site

Film chosen by guest Aidan, introduced by Devlin

Sir Mick Jagger, in an inexplicably large helmet, looks directly down the barrel of the lens right as it crash zooms in on his face, his trademark pout at its very poutiest:


When our good friend Aidan, with whom we had been trying to coordinate to join us on the podcast for many a month, listed a few titles he was interested in discussing, the one that stood out immediately was the one that I was barely familiar with. A quick Google search brought up the above .gif, and another in which Emilio Estevez wobbles his little cheeks while a lightning bolt licks at his forehead. There was, immediately, a frisson of fascination at the prospect of all this seemingly jumbled garbage emanating from one single film that had managed to slip under the radar of everyone on the panel except Aidan, who, as he explains in the episode, spent an unusual amount of time watching this back in his native Northumberland as a lad. As soon as I saw this image, I immediately messaged it to the group, saying that WE HAVE TO WATCH THIS.

The experience of watching Freejack was a bizarre, entertaining, and frustrating one. I’ll not spoil the discussion we had in the episode, but we certainly Had Thoughts on this very obscure sci-fi from previous Rewind director Geoff Murphy, helmer of the batshit train-set Seagal sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. And it was an absolute pleasure for us to finally have an extended chat with our old friend Aidan, who these days has relocated to Vancouver where he works very successfully as a focus puller and camera department professional, so we could perform a thorough postmortem on it. I’m always thrilled when we get one of these episodes, where a very specific and often largely forgotten piece of cinematic ephemera formed a key part of somebody’s cinematic upbringing to the general confusion of the rest of us.

Now, on to more serious matters. In the episode, I recounted the tale of mine and Gali’s trip to Edinburgh to see The Rolling Stones, and Gali’s bladder-based ordeal as we battled near-endless queues and the scourge of ScotRail’s abysmal planning on the return leg of the journey while full of overpriced pints. For illustrative purposes, here is the face of a man who genuinely believes that he may have to just piss himself and get it over with.


And that, my friends, is Freejack.

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