Episode 13: BARGAIN BIN #3 – Mortal Kombat (1995)

Mortal Kombat cover site

GET OVER HERE! Another rummage in the bargain bin yields the 1995 beat-‘em-up video game adaptation Mortal Kombat, directed by Paul “Not That Paul Anderson” W.S. Anderson.

A handful of fighters are chosen to defend the realm of Earth from the evil ruler of Outworld in a brutal competition that will determine the fate of billions (he he he…sorry). Among them are a lapsed kung fu fighter of indeterminate religion, a cocky Hollywood action star, and, um, some sort of cop maybe?

Quips, brawls, styrofoam palaces, and oh god so much techno. Will Gali and Devlin find a flawless victory, or will there be a FATALITY?

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