Episode 14: Audition (1999)

Audition cover site
きりきりきり! On this Throwback, first time Rewinder and good friend Matt joins us all the way from South Korea to discuss his first brush with Takashi Miikes seminal romantic drama-turned-nightmare fuel Audition.
Lonely Tokyo widower Aoyama turns to an old friend in his quest to find a new wife to share his life with. His idea? An audition for a new movie, where Aoyama can take his pick of the applicants – a foregone conclusion once he sets his sights on the shy, beautiful, sensitive Asami.
And then everything turns horrible. I’m sure you know this by now, the film is 20 years old. But if not, yeah, spoilers. But has this infamous provocation retained its capacity to shock, or has it aged about as well as a dog bowl full of sick? Join Gali, Devlin and Matt as they open up the mystery sack.

Catch Matt at scariousartists.com, and watch his terrific short film The Wilds here.

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