Episode 22: Pulse (2001) and the J-Horror movement

Introduced by Devlin 幽霊に会いたいですか. Here at The Rewind Movie Podcast, we started our Pulling Focus series so that our hosts could recommend to each other to films that had so far eluded them – to date, I’ve introduced Gali to the transcendent, meditative Glasgow-set drama Ratcatcher, and in return he suggested Curtis Hanson’s charming literary... Continue Reading →

Episode 18: Wonder Boys (2000)

Welcome to our series Pulling Focus, where each of our hosts introduces the other to a personally beloved film which they feel has been overlooked or underrated. This time, Gali encourages Devlin to FINALLY sit down and watch the 2000 Michael Douglas lit-com Wonder Boys, from director Curtis Hanson. Michael Douglas’ Grady Tripp is a... Continue Reading →

Episode 16: Ratcatcher (1999)

On this episode, Devlin introduces Gali to one of his favourites, and offers an introduction to a film which has flown under the radar over the last few years: Lynne Ramsay's 1999 feature debut Ratcatcher. James, a sensitive young boy on the cusp of adolescence, tries to navigate the rubbish strewn-streets of an East Glasgow... Continue Reading →

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