Episode 84: Bargain Bin #12: Cyborg (1989)

I LIKE THE DEATH! I LIKE THE MISERY! I LIKE THIS WORLD! We return to the trusty Bargain Bin and dig out the infamous Cannon Films’ post-apocalyptic Van Damme downer Cyborg.

‘Slinger’ Gibson Rickenbacker (JCVD) is some sort of futuristic ronin, hired by the some of the tattered remnants of humanity to guarantee them safe passage through a plague-ravaged nightmare future world ruled by ruthless, non-swimming pirates led by the towering figure of Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn). Gibson happens upon the titular Cyborg – a woman, Pearl (Dayle Haddon), whose computer brain contains the recipe for a cure to the ailment that has brought about the downfall of civilisation. GIbson pursues Fender after he kidnaps Pearl, tormented by the memories of the horrific act of violence the villain perpetrated on Gibson and his adoptive family years before. Much face kicking ensues.

Director Albert Pyun solidified his position as a solid pair of hands for the notoriously thrifty studio, who were relying on this film to help bail them out of a particularly sticky financial situation. Join us as Gali, Devlin, Matt and Patrick as they delve into the murky world of the 1980s’ premier purveyors of churn-’em-out-cheap cinema, the rise of soon-to-be action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme, and the subtle art of religious symbolism and pre-credits muff.

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