Episode 70: BARGAIN BIN #11 Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Film chosen by Gali, introduced by Matt

Forever lodged in my psyche as the first DVD I ever saw, Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea has been a solid rewatch throughout the years, but (sandwiches) when placed under the Rewind microscope, I found myself grappling with its fatal flaws. Perhaps it’s old age, maybe my Jaws snobbery, but on this particular occasion it failed to sink its teeth as deeply as it did back in the early noughties.

“Take me back to the ghetto.”

Preacher, Deep Blue Sea

So, was it safe to go back in the water? Is it the second best shark movie? What the hell was LL rapping about? Join chatty birds, Gali and me, as we address the fishy issues, destroy more brain cells, and revel in the daftness.

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