Episode 79: Paranormal Activity (2009)

Film chosen by listener Davey Growls

YOU CANNOT RUN FROM THIS. We’re back with another listener request episode, as things go bump in the night for a self-filming suburban couple in the smash hit 2009 found footage phenomenon Paranormal Activity.

Micah (Micah Sloat) buys himself a fancy video camera to document the uncanny occurrences that have been plaguing the home he shares with girlfriend Katie (Katie Featherston). Calling in a medium, Dr. Fredrichs (Mark Fredrichs) they learn that the source of the unusual sounds and moving objects is not a ghost, but a demon- one that has attached itself to Katie and seems reluctant to let go. As Katie’s history with these events is revealed, Micah struggles to impose himself as their powerlessness to intervene becomes unavoidable. 

A runaway success shot for a miniscule budget by a first-time director, Oren Peli, the extraordinary returns paved the way for a mini empire of sequels, and allowed the movie’s enterprising producer Jason Blum to establish himself as one of the most influential names in 21st century horror cinema. Join Gali, Devlin, Patrick and Matt as most of the gang experience this spooky chiller for the very first time, courtesy of our fantastic film picker Davey Growls! Check out Davey’s awesome band Spitting Blood below.

Why not join Matt in his FOUND FOOTAGE FEBRUARY trawl? We’re a little late in posting, but maybe you can sprinkle some of these faux-doc finds throughout the year. Check out his Letterboxd List here, and a YouTube playlist of his chosen titles below!

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