Episode 17: Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun cover site

I WANT SOME BUTTS! Gali has picked out Tony Scott’s magnum opus of fighter jet machismo, 1985’s Top Gun, for this Throwback episode.

Maverick loose cannon Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) gets his shot to be the best of the best at the elite Top Gun academy, where he competes in spectacular aerial combat exercises against Val Kilmer’s stone cold Ice Man while trying to attract the attentions of his instructor, Kelly McGillis’ Charlie.

Harassment via karaoke, faceless Commie baddies and a guitar riff so sweet they play it 36 times – will Gali convince Devlin and Patrick to join him in the Danger Zone, or are they entering a flat spin of nostalgia before crashing spectacularly in to the mountains of cliché?

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