Episode 103: Predators (LV-RMP Series)

We’re the monsters of our own world. In the latest entry in our LV-RMP series, we continue our chronological journey through the Alien and Predator universes with Nimród Antal’s 2010 back-to-basics jungle-set pursuit thriller Predators.

Waking up mid-plummet, black ops mercenary Royce (Adrian Brody) is chaotically parachuted into a dense, mysterious forest, surrounded by an equally armed and angry collection of strangers including an IDF sniper (Alice Braga), a Russian commando (Oleg Taktarov), a Yakuza enforcer (Louis Ozawa Changchien), a Sierra Leonean death squad soldier (Mahershala Ali), a Mexican cartel killer (Danny Trejo), a convicted murderer (Walton Goggins) and, curiously, a callow, nerdy doctor (Topher Grace). The motley assortment quickly realises that there’s something very wrong with the terrain – suspicions that are confirmed when they reach a clearing to see an alien sky looming over them. Finding themselves the quarry of three Yautja hunters, the makeshift unit must rely on their killer instincts to survive.

We find ourselves in almost as unfamiliar territory as the characters in the film, with only Matt having seen this film after its theatrical run. A curious case, as the film, while a modest financial success upon release, has received no follow up, and very little reappraisal in the years since. Did we find an action gem hiding out on this far-flung hunters’ moon? Or were we baited into the bear trap of another misbegotten franchise entry?

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