The Golden Sandwiches – The Rewind Movie Podcast Awards

Polish up your spats, grab your best frock out of the vacuum bag, and clip on your bowtie as The Rewind Movie Podcast sashays down the red carpet for our very own awards show! To mark the milestone of 100 episodes, Gali, Devlin, Patrick and Matt take some time out to discuss the very best (and worst) of the movies we’ve covered over the last 4-and-a-bit years, and present some of our favourite films their very own fictitious, ostentatious, thick cut statuette. Yes, it’s awards season fever, and we’ve only gone and got ourselves a temperature of 103°.

We want to thank everyone who has either popped in for an episode or two, or stuck with us through the entire century, as we ventured back across our formative films and indulged ourselves in a big old chat about them. While I’m sure the four of us would be rambling on regardless, it’s been heartening to connect with so many listeners and share some of our fondest, and not so fond…est, memories of our movie-going lives. Here’s to the next hundred! Now, we go live to the red carpet, so the E! Network can be duplicitously nice about your awful shoes.

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