Episode 82: Predator 2 (1990) LV-RMP SERIES

Want some candy? Our LV-RMP series continues on the Yautja trail as we swap the jungles of Val Verde for its concrete equivalent – the mean, sweaty streets of a near-future, heatwave-crazy Los Angeles for Stephen Hopkins’ 1990 sequel Predator 2.

Another imposing, grotesquely-mandibled intergalactic hunter has crashed to Earth in search of trophies, interfering in a fierce drugs-related turf war between two rival factions of questionable racial stereotypes. Finding himself in the middle of this mayhem is middle-aged, renegade hardass cop Detective Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover), a man short of temper and large of trouser. As the gruesome deaths pile up around him, Harrigan and his team (including musician Ruben Blades, Maria Conchita Alonso, and Bill Paxton) try and make sense of things before they find themselves on the receiving end of an impromptu spinectomy.

Our second pass at this action staple, after Devlin and Gali discussed it way back in episode 3, sees Matt and Patrick join the party to see where this film ranks in the shared Alien/Predator universe, what they’d have done differently if they were in charge, and where, exactly, Gary Busey’s top half went.

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