Episode 72: Halloween (1978)

Introduced by Devlin

Welcome back to HALLORE’EWIND! While our coverage this year is slightly less exhaustive (and exhausting for your humble contributors) than last year‘s, we’ve decided to roll out the heavy hitter – John Carpenter’s season-defining, sub-genre-spawning slasher classic Halloween.

In this first part, we discuss our history with this skeletal, primal film, and its immediate sequel Halloween II – hoping to illuminate what was unique about it, how this low budget exploitation thriller set a template that resonates to this day, and whether we feel that it sustains its tension and entertainment value all these decades later.

Our beat on this podcast tends to eschew too much trivia or production history (because others tend to cover this far better than we could, and also because we’re too lazy to do that much research), so you’ll hear us refer to the indispensable series by writer and critic Amy Nicholson, Halloween Unmasked, throughout this episode. I can’t recommend it enough – Nicholson has corralled an incredible list of contributors and extracted some fantastic anecdotes and insights.

Listen below, check out Matt’s typically brilliant YouTube and Spotify playlists, and stay tuned for the release of Part 2 of this podcast later this month, where we’ll dive in to the messy, sloppy timeline of the 1980s and 1990s sequels, culminating in the timeline-resetting, two-decades-later do-over Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

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