Episode 33: L.A. Confidential (1997)

LA Conf cover site

Film chosen by listener Oli, introduced by Devlin

Big thanks to Oli (@Remedi_RPM) for requesting this movie for review! As stated in the episode, I sort of filed this one away in this amorphous group of worthy-but-slightly-dull movies that I probably should have watched by now and would probably never really get around to, given that we live in The Age of Content. Without spoiling too much, it turns out that a) I had actually seen it before and forgotten and b) sometimes it’s good to be pushed to watch things you’d otherwise dismissed for weird, illogical reasons.

So this episode is dedicated to all of you out there who, like me, feel a bit overwhelmed by the excess of choice when deciding to watch a film, and who use often arbitrary prejudices to help pare down the options. I genuinely couldn’t tell you what the mental stumbling block was when it came to this film, but these listener requests are very beneficial in helping to jar these weird things loose sometimes and get us talking about something that may not otherwise have occurred to us. If you have any more, chuck them our way at @rewindmoviecast.

In lieu of any great anecdotes, historical context, personal reflections or unfettered rambling, instead I’ll just leave this video of the incredible Rolo Tomassi here because they are, in my very humble opinion, one of the best bands working in this country today and one of the few things I knew going in was that they were named after the film.

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