Episode 9: Rocky (1976)

Rocky cover site

Gali has tipped his hand and selected a personal favourite, the archetypal “inspirational sports movie” ROCKY.

We follow low-ranking local Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa, a soft-centred brute who spends his days enforcing for a local loan shark (while ironically avoiding the use of violence). Lamenting his lack of initiative, confronted with the stagnation of his big fight dreams, and pining for the painfully shy pet store employee he visits every day, his fortunes are changed in an instant when he gets a million-to-one shot at the world heavyweight title held by the slick, charismatic champ Apollo Creed.

Written by and starring Sylvester Stallone (before the human growth hormone), we go the distance to review our first film from the 1970s. Will the team eat lighting and crap thunder? Or choke down a pint glass of raw eggs? Seconds out. Round one.

Ding. Ding.

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