Episode 74: Empire Records (1995)

Film chosen and introduced by Devlin If nothing else, this episode showed me just what a true cult object this film is. Despite my esteemed co-hosts being roughly the same age as me, and us having a decent amount of overlap in our formative experiences and tastes, I was pretty shocked when not one of... Continue Reading →

Episode 72: Halloween (1978)

Introduced by Devlin Welcome back to HALLORE'EWIND! While our coverage this year is slightly less exhaustive (and exhausting for your humble contributors) than last year's, we've decided to roll out the heavy hitter - John Carpenter's season-defining, sub-genre-spawning slasher classic Halloween. In this first part, we discuss our history with this skeletal, primal film, and... Continue Reading →

Episode 68: Alien Resurrection (1997) LV-RMP SERIES

Welcome back to LV-RMP, our journey through the on-screen history of one of the greatest cinematic monsters ever conceived: the xenomorph. We’ve reached the conclusion of the original ‘Quadrilogy’ with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s gooey 1997 installment Alien Resurrection. 200 years after Ripley took her sacrificial dive into the smelter on Fury 161, scientists from United... Continue Reading →

Episode 67: Donnie Darko (2001)

Film chosen by Gali, introduced by Devlin I read a fantastic oral history of Donnie Darko which described the film as "everybody's first deep thought", which, while hyperbolic, does help describe the particular temporal space that I found this film in. Approaching 18, chafing at what I felt were the strictures of my small town,... Continue Reading →

Episode 66: Fatal Attraction (1987) REROTICA SERIES

Film chosen by Gali, introduced by Devlin For a film which formed such a core aspect of the burgeoning erotic thriller genre, establishing so many of its tropes (chief among which, the sexy other woman-turned-homewrecking violent stalker), Fatal Attraction features surprisingly little on-screen sex. But, the politics of sex, desire, monogamy, selfishness, wholly occupy the... Continue Reading →

Episode 65: The Boondock Saints (1999)

Film chosen by guest David Biggins, introduced by Devlin FINALLY, I got around to seeing this film. Many, many years since I first watched, and loved, Overnight, Mark Brian Smith and Tony Montana's salty 2003 documentary hit job, our esteemed guest David Biggins' pick for this episode gave me an excuse to sit myself down... Continue Reading →

Episode 64: ALIEN³ (1992) LV-RMP SERIES

Welcome back to our trawl through the Alien universe! After starting back to front with gung-ho actioner Aliens followed by Ridley Scott's cerebral sci-fi chiller Alien, we're back in release order for David Fincher's divisive and dark Alien 3. Controversially stripping Ripley (Sigourney Weaver, now a producer with no small amount of clout) of her... Continue Reading →

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